Hi there,

Welcome to my special space where we make room to expand our creative side and make our visions come true

My name is Denise and I am a photographer based in Sweden. I specialised in the fields of both nature and portrait photography.


For me, photography has never been just about taking a good picture, I want to create art with the help of various elements and tools to convey a message.

An artist uses colours and brushes to create a painting that is not only beautiful, but also evokes emotions in the viewer.

My photos are my art, a chance to show my point of view and vision to the world. 


With me as your photographer, you can always trust that you will be heard and seen. Together, we will make your vision come true and create amazing images that convey the right message for you.

So do not hesitate, share your ideas and let's create together!


For bookings and interest in working with me, please feel free to reach out with an email:

You can also visit my instagram page to keep up with my work :)

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