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Meet Denise, 

A photographer with a love for nature, summer and the tranquil countryside.


Hello there!

My name is Denise and I am a photographer located just outside of Uppsala

in Sweden's eastern regions. 

Ever  since childhood I've always felt the most at home in nature and having the huge privilege to grow up in the Swedish country side gave me the chance of always having a close proximity to deep lush green forests, tranquil fields and rivers.

I could really lose myself in the wonders of our Mother Earth and as I've gotten older, that love for nature has deeply inspired my creative side and my photographic journey. 

As a photographer, I've photographed almost anything that catches my creative eye. 

From special moments of my road trips around Sweden and creative photo shoots with lovely clients.

For me, photography has never been just about taking a good picture, I want to create art with the help of various elements and tools to convey a message.

An artist uses colours and brushes to create a painting that is not only beautiful, but also evokes emotions in the viewer.

My photos are my art, a chance to show my point of view and vision to the world. 

Questions before contacting me

When booking a photographer it is so important that we find the right one that can make our visions come true and that we feel comfortable with.

For that reason I always value having an open conversation with my clients during the whole creative process, even if they decide to book me or not.

But I also know that looking for a photographer comes with a lot of questions.  

So a bit further down on the page, I've gathered some common questions that people ask me. That way you can read the answers and see a bit more clearly if i could (hopefully!!) be just the right person to make your visions become a reality

1. Do you only photograph a specific style/aesthetic? What if I want to book you but don't have the exact style for my vision?

This is a very good and important question! It's also not the easiest to answer. 

Yes, as a photographer I of course have a specific style that I tend to lean towards when booking a photo shoot. My style from as you can see on my website is deeply rooted in a more romantic and organic vibe and I prefer when I get to work closely to nature. 

So maybe I'm not the best to book if you want to take pictures in a very modern city with skyscrapers everywhere.


But never say never! I think that if you like my style and are interested in booking me you shouldn't hesitate just because of the vision you want.

Just get in touch with me and we'll se if we can make it work! :)

2. How much does it cost to book you for a photo shoot? 

As you probably have already seen, I don't have a specific prize available here on the website. And that is a conscious choice on my part because I have noticed that many people are very obsessed with the prize on people that work with something creative.

And I'm just not a big fan of that personally. If you want to book me I want it to be because you like my work and not because of a prize tag. It's also very hard to say a very specific prize since there are so many factors that play a role depending on the photo shoot. 

But of course I completely understand the reasons for wanting this answer. That's why it's always best to first contact me and talk to me about your vision and then I will of course give you a prize that we both feel happy about before you make the decision to book me. 

3. Are you available in every part of Sweden? 

I love traveling! So personally I love it when I can travel to my clients for a photo shoot. But one important thing to note is that I currently don't have a drivers license (I know it's so bad :) I'm working on it!) 

So traveling depens on if it's easy to take the train or a bus. But it is important to note that the prize will of course get higher if I need to cover up traveling costs. 

But as always, almost everything is possible. Just get in touch with me and then we will see if we can make it work!

4. Can I book you even outside of Sweden?

Of course! 

The same answers to the last question also applies to appointments outside of Sweden. 

5. I really want to book a photo shoot but I'm a bit unsure of my vision. How do i find it/how do I find inspiration? 

Oh darling you are not alone in this! 

Having a hard time seeing a clear vision not fun but it is also very common. 

Unfornunalty there is no straight answer to this question but I will share some tips on how you can find inspiration and get a more clear vision.

Please note that this is just my opinion of what can help, everyone is different :)

  • The sound of music. In this instant I don't mean the famous movie staring Julie Andrews but literally: music. I can't tell you how many times music has helped me when i want to be creative. 

  • Pinterest is a creative souls best friend. I know, it sounds cheesy but Pinterest really is an amazing platform if you want to find inspo for pretty much anything! If you want to you are more than welcomed to visit my Pinterest profile to find inspirations for a photo shoot:

  • Don't force it too much! Of course it is important to make time for creative thinking but it shouldn't be something that troubles your mind. So my advice is to not think about it too much, by just focusing on everyday life can be a smart way for creativity to finally appear. 

  • Be surrounded by something that makes you feel creative. This solution is of course very personal. A creative space can be anything from nature, to an art gallery or sometimes it has to to with the company you spend time with. Here it is important to figure out what motivates you.

6. What type of photos/photo shoots do you prefer to do?

Oh this is an exiting question and a very hard one to give a straight answer to!

I have so many creative ideas that I want to make a reality. For me the thing that makes a photo shoot special is the client. The best feeling ever is when i find like minded people who are not afraid to think outside the box and like we say here in Sweden "En person som vågar att bjuda på sig själv"

Which basically means a person who is not afraid to expose themselves (mentally) to the camera and other people. 

Other than that, it's no secret that I have a love for taking pictures outside in nature!

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